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In line with the Saudi Green Initiative to grow 10 billion trees, the National Greening Program was launched to harness and coordinate efforts across all sectors, governmental, private, and non-profit, in addition to organizing community participation from all segments, to achieve ambitious national environmental goals. Hence, the organization of the National Greening Forum in its inaugural edition, to serve as an annual platform aimed at enhancing partnerships for the development of vegetation cover, in realization of the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative, through the contribution of all parties in increasing green areas and combating desertification in the Kingdom, while preserving the environment and natural resources, through organized and thoughtful work, to make our environment sustainably green.

Forum Vision

Toward integrated efforts to grow 10 billion trees

Forum Message

Striving to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative, through effective partnership with all sectors, shedding light on investment opportunities, and highlighting sector developments


Introducing the National Greening Program

Contributing to achieving the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative

Utilizing the potentials of governmental, private, and non-profit sectors

Enhancing communication with all participating entities

Providing entities with information and updates

Assisting entities in fulfilling their roles in the program and creating integrated work

Showcasing exemplary models and encouraging entities to participate

Forum agenda